Price: $18.00 each

  Delicately crafted amulets you can wear on a chain.
Makes a perfect addition to your own jewelery collections,
and it also makes a perfect gift.

Your personal "Herbal Message"is created by the combination of
Amulet inclusions that you choose. the symbolic meanings of the inclusions are
derived from mythology, folklore and the Victorian Language of Flowers.

You can read the Symbolic Meanings of the beautiful amulet inclusions,
which are organically grown herbs, spices and flowers.
These amulets make a meaningful and lovely addition
to any jewelry collection.

For the list of over 60 herb, spice and flower inclusions,
and their symbolic meanings.
Click Here
  All amulets come attractively packaged on a presentation card,
complete with information about the inclusions, and their meanings.

Amulets can contain a single inclusion,
or any combination of up to four different inclusions.

  Let us put together your own personalized message, to wear yourself or to give as a gift. An amulet is a lovely way to to send a special message to an important person in your life.  

Examples of
Herbal Messages:
Amulet Inclusions

For a bride's engagement gift
Almond (Hope),
Caraway (Keeps Lovers True),
(True Love).

For a friend recovering from illness
Asafetida (Protection From Illness),
Borage (Courage),
Chives (Healing).

For a student studying for exams
Chamomile (Energy in Adversity),
Mint (Wisdom),
Holly (Foresight),
Walnut (Strong Mental Powers).

For a loved one moving away
White Clover (Think of Me),
Cloves (Lasting Friendship),
Zinnia (Thoughts of Absent Friends).

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