Amulet Inclusions and Their                 Symbolic Meanings

"Healing", "Shelter from Harm"
Protection from illness
"Glory". Also a powerful amulet of protection, and will attract love
"The Enchantress"
 Betony (Lambs Ears): Guards against harm & wards off evil spirits
Amulet for Courage
Keeps Lovers True
Will bring peaceful thoughts
Amulet for courage
"All who know you will love you", Worn as an amulet to provide Energy in Adversity
Removing Obstacles
Protection from evil and negativity. Healing. Promotes Psychic Powers
 Chrysanthemum (red):
"I Love You"
"The Temptress"
"Be Mine". Good Luck and Protection against evil and witchcraft. "Think of me"
Amulet for lasting friendship. "Dignity"
"Hidden Merit." Amulet has powers of Immortality
Amulet for Faithfulness and Fidelity
Amulet for Protection, Wards off Evil
Amulet for courage, strength and long life
Faithfulness, True Love
Protection against evil spirits. Use to ward off the Evil Eye, Demons, Vampires & Werewolves
Amulet for Foresight
Pure heart, courage, faith
Friendship, Fidelity, Marriage
Love Charm
Purification, and Protection
A charm against the evil eye

 Lemon Balm:
An amulet of regeneration. Wearing it made one happy and loved by all "Wishes will be fulfilled"
 Lilac (Purple):
"First emotions of love"
"Return of Happiness"
An amulet to bring love
Amulet for Joy and Happiness
Virtue and Wisdom
 Mustard Seed:
Good luck charm
 Nasturtium: Aphrodisiac  Nutmeg:
Amulet to Increase Clarity of Thought
Will banish sadness
Festivity, Rejoicing
"Warmth of Feeling"
Wards off the Evil Eye
 Purple Coneflower:
Amulet for strength
White & red rose together: "Unity"
Red Rose: Love
Will improve memory and protect from illness. An herb sacred to friendship, and a strong protective amulet
Promotes psychic abilities, & wards off the Evil Eye
"Mirth, Laughter"
Alleviate grief, promote memory and immortality. Amulet for Agelessness, Wisdom, Esteem
A powerful ingredient in all Egyptian love potions
 Scented Geranium:
Spiritual Happiness, Calm
"Refreshes the Spirit", Affection
Intense aphrodisiac powers
 Star Anise:
Carried as a good luck charm
"Lasting Commitment"
Activity, Strength, Courage, Bravery
 Tulip (red):
Declaration of Love

Strong Mental Powers
"Thoughts of Absent Friends"


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