Organic Herbal Teas

Cleopatra's Dream
Rose Petals
Elderberry Flowers
Pink Mallow Blossoms
White Mallow Blossoms
Oregano Blossoms
There is a saying that "Roses are good for the skin and the soul." Cleopatra knew this, and surrounded herself with roses, bathing in them, even sleeping on them.
Enjoy this beautiful floral tea, and may your life and your dreams be as sweet as Cleopatra's.
Spice of Life Tea
Ginger Mint
Lemon Balm
This remarkable blend of herbs makes an aromatic, heady, and highly energizing tea.
Spicy and refreshing, it is sure to become
one of your favorite beverages.
Enjoy it anytime you would like a little lift.
Pink Lemon Mist Tea
Lemon Balm
Bergamot Flowers
 Citrusy, spicy, lemony.
Pure enjoyment.

Peace of Midnight Tea Catnip
Lemon Balm
 A lovely, warming and calming tea. Enjoy a cup when you want to curl up and relax - maybe in that big rocking chair by the fire.
Licorice Patch Tea Elderflower Blossoms
Sweet Cecily
Anise Hyssop
 This is an energizing tea with a pleasing licorice flavor. A sure winner all around.
 Elderflower Tea Organic Elderflower Blossoms
People have used Elderflower tea to build the immune system and to assist de-tox.
Try some at the end of the day, with a slice of ginger or citrus, to calm your way to a wonderful sleep.



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