Oil & Vinegar Instruction Book

The Flavored Oils & Vinegars Instruction Book

3rd Edition

By C. Weinberg

Ideal for beginners !

Includes all the basic preparation techniques you need to know in order to make really beautiful gourmet Flavored Oils & Vinegars, including:

    • Where to get the best ingredients

    • Where to find great bottles cheaply

    • How to sterilize bottles

    • Instructions for preparation of special ingredients

    • 30 outstanding recipes for fabulous flavored oils and vinegars

    • Complete instructions on how to decorate and label your bottles.

Never pay specialty-food store prices for flavored oils and vinegars again!


From the book:

"Gourmet flavored oils and vinegars are beautiful and practical. They add wonderful flavor when used in home cooking, and the colors of the bottles and the herbal contents are gorgeous when displayed in a sunny kitchen window. They make the perfect gift - they are useful, beautiful, and handmade with love, from fresh and perhaps even homegrown ingredients. This is certainly far superior in every way to anything that can be store-bought."

"Most gourmet flavored oils and vinegars are prepared from ingredients that are commonly on hand in the kitchen, and readily available in grocery and bulk stores. This makes producing your own gourmet flavored oils and vinegars so easy and convenient, that you can indulge a creative urge whenever you feel one."

"A fun and satisfying way to expand on the home-made theme of gourmet flavored oils and vinegars is to grow your own ingredients in an herb garden. You can also have a special patch in your flower garden, for flowers that can be dried and used for decorating your bottles. In this way, you can prepare oils and vinegars that are uniquely your own, and you can be confident that the herbs and blossoms you use are fresh , organic, and chemical free. This will assure you of the most beautiful appearance, the freshest flavor, and the homemade touch that will make your gourmet oils and vinegars extra special".

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