Jam, Jelly, Preserves, Relishes & Pickles

  • Imaginative, creative, unique, and simply the best......naturally.

  • Made from absolutely pure, organic fruits and flowers, grown in our own garden in Toronto, Ontario.

  • Delight your senses with some treats that have enchanting, unexpected and utterly addicting fragrances and flavors.

  • Nothing chemical or artificial has come in contact with these products in any way - from planting to packaging.

  • Re-capture the essence of Summer with these fragrant specialties. Sparkling clear, with body and character.

  • The instant they begin to melt in your mouth, they transport you - you are walking through a sun-warmed garden,

  • brushing each patch to release some of the herbal essential oils, so you can revel in that simple, pure pleasure.

All berries and apples are organic, homegrown and hand harvested

Suggestions for using Arethusa's Jams & Jellies:

  • Try them as a spread on savory or sweet foods, such as breads, biscuits, bagels and muffins.

  • Alone or in combination, they are outstanding additions to marinades, basting liquids, glazes, and BBQ sauces.

  • They go very well with any kind of meat or fish in a hot or cold sandwich.

  • Mix them into natural flavored yogurt, cream cheese, or cottage cheese to make a fragrant and exotic treat.

  • Melt a few spoonfuls and pour over ice cream, frozen yogurt or pudding.

  • Layer herb jelly with cream cheese and thinly sliced smoked salmon or cold cuts for an elegant and beautiful brunch terrine.

  • Spread them between layers of sponge cake to make an unusual and much appreciated after dinner sweet.


Blackberry-Black Currant

The is the house specialty. Deep, dark purple, rich with the flavor of blackberries, combined with the very popular flavor of black currants.Sells out early every season. IN STOCK

Golden Raspberry Jam

Golden raspberries have intense flavor, and so does this remarkable jam. COMING SOON

Black Raspberry Jam

This is the true taste of summer. Made with fresh, sweet organic berries. It has a rich purple-red color that is deep enough to get lost in. IN STOCK

Sweet Sunrise Jam

Red currants, sugar, pectin and spices (cinnamon, nutmeg & cardamom)

It's a warm hug in a jar. IN STOCK

Appleberry Jam

A mix of eight different kinds of organic berries, organic apples, and sugar. COMING SOON

Red Raspberry Jam

A summer tradition, always delicious, always a favorite. IN STOCK

Saskatoon Jam

Enjoy the flavour of native Saskatoon berries. IN STOCK

Sea Buckthorn Jam

Sea Buckthorn is the "citrus of the north" - the berry with more vitamin C than any other summer fruit growing north of the 49th parallel. IN STOCK

Red Raspberry -

Red Currant Jam

Fragrant and delicious. IN STOCK

Sea Buckthorn -

Red Raspberry Jam


Saskatoon Berry -

Blackberry Jam

Simply delicious. IN STOCK

Raspberry - Ginger


Wrap yourself in raspberry, and enjoy the mild ginger. IN STOCK

Lemon - Ginger

Blackberry Jam


Red Raspberry -

Black Raspberry Jam


Sea Buckthorn -

Saskatoon Berry Jam




An intense and fragrant syrup made with a blend of red, black and gold raspberries.




Elderberries, sugar and a hint of spices.

Perfect for pancakes and French toast. Pour over sponge cake and ice cream. Use it to make a refreshing Elderberry Soda or mix with white wine to make an Elderberry Kir. IN STOCK

Raspberry -

Caramel Apple Butter

Raspberries, crisp juciy organic apples and brown sugar. Need we say more?


Hot Cinnamon Kiss

Apple Butter

Sweet and hot, just like a kiss should be.


Chocolate Spice

Apple Butter

Organic apples, cocoa and spices meld together in the most delightful way.


Bee Balm Jelly

A light red - orange gem, with hints of honey, mint and lemon. Spread on bagels, either plain, with butter or fresh cream cheese, and serve with plenty of fresh hot tea or coffee. Have three wishes prepared, because the person to whom you serve this feast will be very happy to grant them!

Made to order - please enquire

Arethusa's Fire

A divine blend of berries and the bite of hot pepper - perfect for any sweet or savory use. Try it as a marinade, as a spread on a cream cheese bagel, or as a perfect and wicked topping for a Sundae!

Made to order - please enquire

Triple - Black Berry Jam

A fantastic mix of Blackberries, Black Currants and Black Raspberries. You will be transported.


Paradise Jam

Aromatic and addictive, made with Cape Gooseberries, which are also known as Ground Cherries. The soft seeds add a nice texture.


Garlic Jelly

Colored the same soft yellow as an opal, this jelly is an exciting mix of sweet with the spectacular sting of fresh garlic. Once you try it on meatloaf, hamburger or any kind of meat sandwich, you will completely loose any further need for mustard, relish, ketchup, marinade or BBQ sauce.

Made to order - please enquire

Rose Petal Jelly

Enjoy the brilliant ruby color and rare flavor of this rose petal delicacy.

Made to order - please enquire

Elderflower Jelly

Fabulous topaz color and perfume of the Elderflower blossom. This hard-to-find gem will delight you.

Made to order - please enquire

Apricot Hot Pepper Jelly

Made to order - please enquire

Lavender Jelly

Come back to the Victorian days, with this delicate, romantic jelly.

Made to order - please enquire

Caramelized Red Onion -

Shiraz Relish

A guaranteed winner, no one has ever been satisfied with just one jar. Makes an excellent gift. Perfect with meat, fish and cheese courses.

Will make to order - please enquire

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